Xuanzhe LiuAssociate Professor



I have very strong passion in teaching. I give courses for both undergraduates and graduates. From Fall 2011 to Spring 2020, there have been over 2,300 PKU students taking my class room teaching in total. I was awarded by the "Most Respected and Esteemed Teacher in Peking University", which is **VOTED** purely by the students out of all faculties in Peking University. What a moving honor!

For undergraduates, I focus on how to build their computational thinking, consolidate the programming skills through practice, and increase their interests towards computer science.

For graduates, I provide strong emphasis on training their critical thinking and capabilities in conducting high-quality research, through organizing literature study and discussion, conducting extensive measurement of existing open-source systems, making some possible optimizations, and exploring real-wolrd practical problems from industry. I particularly focus on the classroom teaching art to increase the interactions with students and establish free and easy discussion atmosphere.

My coures are listed as follows:

  • [EECS-04831433] Introduction to Computer Foundations (Undergraduate)
  • (Fall 2011/Fall 2012/Fall 2013/Fall 2014/Fall 2015/Fall 2016/Fall 2017/Fall 2018/Spring 2019/Fall 2019)

  • [EECS-04830041] Introduction to C++ Programming Language (Undergraduate)
  • (Fall 2012/Fall 2013/Fall 2014/Fall 2015/Fall 2016/Fall 2017/Fall 2018/Fall 2019/Fall 2020)

  • [EECS-04802051] Distributed Machine Learning Systems (Graduate)
  • (Fall 2019/Fall 2020)

  • [EECS-04802028] Advanced Topics in Operating Sytems (Graduate)
  • (Fall 2016/Fall 2017/Fall 2018/Fall 2019/Fall 2020)


    Contact Information

    Room 818, Yanyuan Building 1
    Peking University
    No. 5, Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District
    Beijing, China, 100871


    xzl at pku dot edu dot cn





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